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CNW700. D W

Full Automatic Non Woven Fabric D.Cut,
T-shirt Bag Making Machine

Main Technical Parameters:

700 Model

Bag Type T-shirt Bag
Length of Bag 300-700mm
Width of Bag 150-420mm
Speed 20-70pcs/min
Material thickness 35-65g
Inserting Size 40-90mm
Auto Mechanical Hand Catch Bag 1-15pcs
Overall Dimension 9000x1900x1800mm


Non Woven Fabric Handle Making Machine

Main Technical Parameters:

700 Model

Bag Thickness 30 - 120 gsm
Welding Width 350 - 580 mm
Speed 10-20pcs/min
Overall Dimension 1500 x 1400 x 1300 mm

CNW-SL- Ultrasonic Sealing Machine

It fits for the manufacture of Non woven Bag, Medical Disposable Products, ribbons, tent, Rain Coat, Table Cloth, Bed Spread, Pillow Case, Cotton & much more.

Main Technical Parameters:

700 Model

Net Weight 100 Kg ( Total Packing Weight 140 Kg)
Input Power 1.5 kw  (2 HP)
Speed 0- 20  min
Effective Width 60mm
Supporting pattern Dies 1-60 mm for all width


Ultrasonic Spot Welder

Main Technical Parameters:  
Source Power 220 + 5V 50/60HZ 6A
Input Power 1500-2500 w (Can Adjustable)
Output Frequency 20KHZ
Working Speed 0-02 Min
Die Size Width : 0-1000 mm: Diameter 050-60mm
Dimension (L “W”H) 1200”600”1200 mm
Net Weight 105 Kg
Working Temperature 250c
Speed 30Pcs per minute
Total Weight 80 Kg
Input Power 0.5 HP
Net Weight 65 Kg

Technical Parameter: Model ONL-S1800
Voltage 220V/380V,50/60HZ
Effective slitting width 18mm-1600mm
Maximum:feeding diameter 1200mm
Maximum rewinding diameter 1000mm
Power 5 KW
Production rate 100m/min
Size 2200(L)X2640(W)X1300(H)MM

ONL-B Series Single Slitting Machine

Main Technical Variables:

Type ONL-B800 ONL-B1000 ONL-B1200
Speed  20-140pcs/min 20-140pcs/min 20-140pcs/min
Bag width  100-750mm 100-950mm 100-1150mm
Bag length  30-1000mm 30-1000mm 30-1000mm
Nonwoven fabrics  20-150g 20-150g 20-150g
Power of supply 380V/220V 380V/220V 380V/220V
Power 3Kw 4Kw 6Kw
Overall size  3200*1350*1150mm 3200*1450*1150mm 3200*1550*1150mm

CNW-FL- Flexo Printing Machine

Four Color Flexography Printing Machine

This printing machine, adopting photosensitive resin as printing plate, is commonly known as the flexographic printing machine. It is suitable for printing packing materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene bag, cellophane and roll paper, etc.
 It is a kind of ideal printing equipment for producing Non Woven  bags , supermarket handbag, vest bag and clothes bag, etc.

Performance and Features:

  1. Easy operation, flexible starting, accurate color register.
  2. The meter counter can set printing quantity according to the requirements. Stop the machine automatically at the quantity or when the material is cut off.
  3. Pneumatic printing cylinder lift and lower, it will stir the printing ink automatically after lifting.
  4. The printing ink is spread by the anilox cylinder with even ink color.
  5. Reliable drying system coordinated with high speed rotation, it will automatically break circuit when the machine stops.
  6. 360° continuous and adjustable longitudinal register device.
  7. The frequency control of motor speed adapts to different printing speeds.
  8. There are Jogging/Stopping buttons on the plate roller base and material rolling rack so as to make it easy operate the machine when the plate is installed.


Hydraulic Cutting Machine

Non Woven Bag Punching Machine

Machine is designed with operation of mechanical and electrical process
Both side given punch for a safer operation. While an operator's hands are safe
It cuts 100 nos of bags in one stroke
Main Technical Parameters:

CNW700/W Model

Power 1.5kw
Table size 710 x 410mm
Weight 750kg
Pressure 15T
Overall Dimensions 710 x 800 x 1300mm
Max.cutting strength 150KN
Swing arm width 350mm
Stroke control range 5-75mm
Up and down operation table Distance for usage 65 – 150mm
Down table size 1000 x 500mm
Electric of Power 1.5kw

Automatic tissue paper conversion machine


Working Width 300mm / 270mm / 220mm
Printing Unit As Per requirement ( single or double coloue )
Embossing Unit As Per requirement
Folding size 1/4
Speed 300 to 450 sheets per min (speed varies according to quality of paper)
Installed Power AC 440 volts, 50Hz, 2.2kw
Transmission Timming belts
Controlling System Frequency Drive
Machine Weight 2500kg
Web Gude As Per requirement
Space Required 4.5Feet X 14Feet